TWH are true professionals to work with. On-time, fast, and does quality work. We are working with them on a variety of projects. It is great when you find someone qualified. Awesome communication skills as well which makes it much easier to work with.

Tyler Gillespie, CEO at Proofreading Pros

As an entrepreneur, I’ve built or had built at least 8 websites in the last 5 years. TWH built the ONLY website I’ve ever LOVED! And they did it quickly, and for a very fair price!

Zaine Morgan, CEO at Word Buddy

There’s one thing above all I value in Web Hunters and that is their ability to think, be creative and come up with ideas. With that, they become more than a team who works for me. They become a sparring partner with whom I can turn ideas and explore possibilities. That said, I value their problem-solving approach to things – if it can be done, they’ll do it. Last but not least, they are swift to reply and a fast worker, so I can depend on them to get things done in time for my projects.

Mette, Coach

Efficiently fast and creative, Web Hunters solves all our tasks with our websites. They helps style tags, page setup, plugin. Their ability to interpret our ideas and needs in a way that it embodies in not only solutions but really thought-out processes that take into account both my and my customers’ user experience are completely unique. Web Hunters is getting hold of within 24 hours and quick to help and I will definitely recommend them to others who need a website or shop, so it’s all about it.

Charlotte, CEO at ByLolle

TWH are creative and intelligent tech professional you can rely on. Having worked with TWH on many projects, there is no hesitation in recommending their goodness.

Muneeb Iqbal, Information & Technology Management at National Movers

The best IT- support! Fast, efficient and structured. Good at listening to their costumers wishes, and coming up with excellent solutions.

Cecilie, CEO at Flid

I’ve been very satisfied with Web Hunters because they works fast, efficiently and makes a very good job. I give them my best recommendations.

Annette, Psychotherapist at Terapi

Web Hunters have been a real find for our business. They are creative and easy to work with, has great ideas which lead to excellent follow-through, and is prompt and responsive. Our experience is that they are outstanding for large and small jobs.

Edmond, Performance Coaching at Aact Now