Content Pros streamlines the process of creating written content for creative teams by utilizing highly skilled and industry-expert native English speakers as writers. Their writers are of a higher caliber than those offered by competitors, resulting in higher-quality written content. As a result of having top-notch writers, the company is able to charge higher prices for its services.

The TWH team has been responsible for the design, development, and ongoing support of the Content Pros website since 2018.

TWH has created an interactive page for Content Pros to increase leads and website traffic. The “Interactive Guide to Creating Your First Blogging Strategy & Content Calendar” offers a step-by-step guide with interactive activity boxes for users to fill in and ultimately download as a PDF.

Skills Used

  • WordPress
  • PHP

  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • CSS
  • SPP
Meredith Sharing Reviews

Additionally, TWH has developed the "Blog Idea Generator" tool, which generates 250 unique blog ideas to help bloggers plan their content calendar for the next year.

To manage all aspects of the customer experience, Content Pros utilizes the Service Provider Pro platform for tasks such as onboarding, ordering, payments, customer interactions, and final file delivery.


Revenue Generated





TWH utilized SPP to create a comprehensive dashboard for Content Pros , making the user experience more efficient and user-friendly. We have designed a special onboarding page for their new customers so they can just activate the trial offer. A special onboarding page was designed for new customers, allowing them to easily activate trial offers. Once onboarded, customers have access to a custom pricing builder, allowing them to select words and pricing options tailored to their specific business needs, with options for monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.

SPP 's platform allows for advanced customization development services and TWH is a Pro Team in this area, providing web development services to customers.

Additionally, Email Marketing is utilized to keep customers engaged and Drive sales, with the capability to store emails in a third-party tool, Active Campaign, for the execution of effective Email Marketing campaigns.


“Salman and the Web Hunters team are great to work with; responsive with quick turnarounds, collaborative and creative, plus they make everything look great on mobile, too. I also appreciate their patience working with someone like me with no web development experience”

Meredith Smith