In today’s world, due to the high demand for short-form video content, YouTube has launched shorts. YouTube Shorts are short videos usually created with the help of smartphones and are uploaded directly to YouTube through the YouTube app.

This modern feature of YouTube has taken the internet by storm, as it has gained a rocketing user base within a short period of time. These short videos allow people to create and share 60-second video clips with various creative tools such as music and effects.

YouTube Shorts can prove to be an effective digital marketing strategy by helping businesses promote and grow their channels. They enable brands to engage a wider audience demographic with on-trend short videos.

Through uploading these short-term videos, marketers get an opportunity for their content to get viewers, which can turn them into channel subscribers or someone who engages with their content regularly. This ultimately allows marketers to increase their leads and conversions.

What is the Ideal Time to Post YouTube Shorts?

According to research, the ideal time to share YouTube Shorts is during peak hours of usage. However, the peak hours usually vary depending on the demographics of every company’s target audience. But generally, the hours of most engagement are between the time of 12 PM and 3 PM or from 7 PM to 10 PM. During these hours, people frequently browse social media apps.

However, businesses should also experiment by posting at different times in order to know what might work best for them. This is because the target audience may vary depending on their demographics. Moreover, posting shorts during weekends may not result in as much engagement because people are usually busy during this time. But this can typically vary based on a company’s target audience.

Benefits of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are extremely cost-effective. Businesses do not need to hire professional videographers or invest in expensive equipment to create them. This makes them an ideal marketing option for developing businesses that have limited budgets. In addition to that, they have various other benefits that make them ideal for marketing.

1. Engagement with a Younger Audience

YouTube Shorts is a great opportunity to reach a younger audience. Research has demonstrated that Gen Z and millennials usually prefer short-form video content. This means that by creating content on YouTube Shorts, marketers can reach a wider audience. That might not be as responsive to relatively longer videos or other conventional means of promotion.

2. Increased Discoverability

Another major benefit of YouTube Shorts is increased discoverability. YouTube Shorts make it easier for people to discover new content by appearing prominently on the YouTube app’s homepage. This means that even if users are not aware of or familiar with a particular brand, they still might stumble upon it through YouTube Shorts.

3. Easy to Create and Share

YouTube Shorts are exceptionally easy to design, create and share. With the use of simple tools, companies can create and upload their content within a few minutes. Moreover, if certain brands want to extend their reach even further, they can also share their Shorts on other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

4. How Often Should You Post YouTube Shorts?

How often a business should share Shorts is usually dependent on its specific goals and the audience it wants to target. If any marketer wants to grow their account in a short while, posting a few times a day might prove to be useful.

However, if someone wants to provide quality content to their audience in order to build a loyal following, it is more important to focus on consistency rather than quantity. However, marketers should avoid posting too much as it leads to spamming their audience and could result in disinterest or fatigue.


1. How Can You Get More Views on YouTube Shorts?

Here are some ways that will help you get more views on your YouTube Shorts:

  1. Ensure that your content is engaging and eye-capturing.
  2. Try to use hashtags relevant to your Shorts in order to reach a wider audience.
  3. Interact with your audience by responding to their comments or queries.

2. Can You Post 2 YouTube Shorts a Day?

Though publishing content frequently on YouTube can help you grow your audience, still, it is important to consider whether you want to focus on quality or quantity. You should avoid overwhelming your subscribers with unsystematic and boring content. Instead, focus on crafting unique and thoughtful shorts that will succeed in building your audience’s interest.

If you feel that uploading two shorts a day can prove to be enough, go for it. Just remember to prioritize the quality of your shorts and try to stay consistent.

3. What are the Most Effective Tips and Strategies for Creating YouTube Shorts?

  • Try to keep your videos to an appropriate length.
  • Understand the tone that would appeal to your target audience.
  • Optimize the titles of YouTube Shorts.
  • Create custom thumbnails.
  • Create relevant content.