WordPress maintenance refers to the services performed to monitor and improve any WordPress site’s performance, quality, and security continuously. With the assistance of WordPress maintenance service, you can easily optimize website speed and WP updates, perform security audits, and get help with emergency support tasks.

WordPress continually receives new updates each month, improving the platform’s overall performance. Therefore, in order to make sure that your site is secure, has backup, and is regularly updated, it requires consistent maintenance.

WordPress maintenance plays a major role in securing your website from a variety of possible threats, as well they also have some digital marketing services, including content marketing, SEO, Pay-Per-Click Management, etc.

In this article, we will try to cover the best WordPress maintenance services that your online business requires in order to automate or simplify its daily tasks.

1. GoWP

The GoWP is a maintenance service that gives website owners complete visibility on all the day-to-day activities of their site. In addition, it offers personalized help with technical tasks like third-party integrations, WordPress installation, and custom developments.

This WordPress service offers an all-in-one solution for your business’s support and maintenance. What makes this service unique is that it is particularly specialized in helping freelancers and web agencies to manage multiple websites for their clients.

It can handle website updates, security, and backups. This service proves to be a great option if you have more than 10 existing maintenance clients, as its monthly prices start at $250.


WPMU DEV is another WordPress maintenance service that offers the Hub, enabling users to easily optimize, monitor, and update unlimited sites from one dashboard. With the help of this plugin, you can update multiple sites and themes automatically or manually. It also offers site owners to run a check site response time and get effective insights into improvement areas.

With the help of WPMU DEV, you can also run or schedule security scans, get an overview of security issues, and get email alerts. In addition to that, you can also manage and schedule automatic backups and restore these backups any time you want.

3. FixRunner

FixRunner is a type of WordPress maintenance service that provides personalized technical support across multiple channels. With its help, web owners can request help through emails, tickets, chat, or phone.

This WordPress maintenance provider can handle everything, from error fixes and backups to security and even your site’s edits. Some of its services also include restoring website speed optimization and Bi-weekly reports.


This maintenance service proves to be best for WordPress multisite installations and offers regular theme and plugin updates, performance checks, as well as website backups.

Most of its plans offer its users a lifetime license to a premium security plugin. Moreover, all plans include malware removal; therefore, you will not have to pay an extra fee even if your site gets infected.

In addition to site maintenance, WP AOS also provides separate services for speed optimization and emergency support. This maintenance provider also allows a free analysis of site security, speed, design, user experience, and SEO.

5. Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll is another WP service that offers comprehensive website maintenance for site owners who want to streamline their site’s daily tasks. Its services commonly include regular WordPress backups, updates, and security management.

Barrel Roll is generally considered best for affiliate WordPress sites and has monthly charges starting from $119. Its maintenance plan will also enable you to consult with Google Ads experts and get advice on improving your site’s several aspects. This includes improving the user experience and tracking conversions.

Barrel Roll also offers a free website review. Moreover, for premium members, it further provides free licenses for plugins like Gravity Forms, WP Rocket, and AffiliateWP.


1. What are the Benefits of Professional Website Maintenance Services?

WordPress maintenance plays a significant role in securing any website. Aside from updates and security checks, it offers a wide range of other benefits belonging to the WordPress maintenance category.


  • Better UX and Accessibility
  • A Secure WordPress Website
  • Improved SEO and Web Performance
  • Boosts Customer Acquisition and Retention
  • Provides Better Conversions and User Experience
  • It Protects Your Investment
  • Has Extra Creativity Input
  • Enables You to Stand Out From Your Competition
  • Helps You Find the Right Agency Partner

Moreover, with the help of these WP services, site owners can also avoid costly errors. In short, these maintenance services include all activities for keeping a close eye on website issues and fixing them as they are identified. The main idea of these services is to ensure that websites remain functional without losing user experience and downtime.

2. What is the Average WordPress Maintenance Cost?

The average costs of WP maintenance can range anywhere between $100 to $200 per month. However, a custom-built website is generally more expensive to maintain. This is because the website maintenance company will have to do more manual work in order to manage such sites.


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