Social media has become a global sensation and is impacting every aspect of our lives. It is a powerful and cost-efficient way to generate leads, build awareness, and enhance online sales.

As social media continues to grow and more people join these platforms, it gives businesses more opportunities to reach people interested in their business.

It has revolutionized the world of marketing, including the industries of fashion, health, fitness, and finance. 

If any business owner wants to reach new and relevant leads, social media advertising can certainly help him attract the attention of the right audience.

These ads specifically target people who have the utmost interest in certain businesses and drive them to check out or purchase that business’s products and services.

That’s why, today, we are going to discuss some essential social media ad statistics that would definitely help you in maximizing your business’s social media visibility.

We will explore five social media advertising statistics showing why social media advertising can influence your business and why it deserves your attention.

Around 56.5% of the World’s Population Is Active on Social Media

According to a survey, there are around 4.48 billion people globally who use social media daily, and the numbers are still growing.

Currently, 56.8% of the world’s population is active on social media networks, and almost 99% of people access social media platforms via their smartphones.

More Than 50% of Youth Think Social Media Is the Most Relevant Ad Channel

Advertising statistics showcase that social media platforms are among the most relevant platforms to target the audience interested in certain products or services.

People usually expect to see relevant ads on social platforms.

These are the channels where the majority of people prefer to see ads because they are usually more relevant to their concerns and interests.

Therefore, advanced targeting makes social media the ideal place to advertise your brand to the people out there. 

Facebook Is at the Top of Its Game, with 2.9 Billion Monthly Active Users

Advertising statistics have shown that only six social media platforms and apps globally have a user base that exceeds 1 billion users monthly.

Facebook takes the first spot with more than 2.2 billion monthly active users. YouTube has almost 2.47 billion active users, and WhatsApp secures the third rank with 2 billion users worldwide. Nowadays.

Instagram has become the fourth most popular social media platform and has around 1.44 billion monthly active users.

Around 73% of People Find Twitter Ads to Be Interesting and Informative

Many business owners think that social media advertisements might be invasive for users or annoy them. It might be true if a certain ad is not relevant to the interests of users.

But according to statistics, 67% of people think that Twitter ads are not intrusive but are rather informative and relevant to their particular interests.

Some people also find social media ads to be more interesting and attractive and do not mind seeing them because of the precise targeting.

Therefore, rather than showing generic ads, target specific audiences who are interested in your brand or services. Such advertisements will not be perceived as disturbing or invasive because they’ll appeal to those who see them.

Video Ads Account for Over Half of Twitter’s $576 Million Advertising Revenue

It is crucial to know how to generate content that resonates with your particular audience when it comes to social media advertising.

Brands should create relevant content for their audience that helps them see and engage with the ads.

Video ads account for more than half of Twitter’s advertisement revenue and are a standard format for advertisers.

These videos attract the attention of the majority of people and get them to learn more about a business’s services or products.

Most of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from video ads that are incredibly successful on social media platforms.


1. How Effective Is Social Media Advertising in Today’s World?

Social media advertising has the potential to influence people’s purchase decisions on social media platforms; therefore, it holds great significance.

According to advertising statistics, 28% of internet users find out about new services or products after viewing social media ads.

The most popular social media advertising networks are Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and 

Instagram, which delivers paid ads to the target audience. In a nutshell, social media advertising is an effective and quick way to connect with the audience and boost your marketing campaigns.

2. How Does Social Media Impact Society?

Connectivity is the most significant advantage of social media platforms, which links countless users anywhere and at any time.

With the help of social media, information can be spread globally, making it simple for people to interact with one another.

Therefore, social media immensely impacts our society and has an ever-growing popularity.