The most recent social media statistics have proven that Instagram is the ultimate powerhouse for lead generation and user engagement. It is a leading social media management platform for content creators and small businesses.

Therefore, every brand owner should know how to reap the most of it. The timing of Instagram posts is a key point, and consistent post scheduling can prove to be a turning point for your social media game.

When an audience gets in the habit of constantly seeing content from a particular brand, their chances of enjoying and engaging with it significantly increase.

Now the question is what is the best time to post on Instagram, which has resulted in much debate on social media platforms. It is one of the most significant factors behind erratic engagement rates.

The logic is quite simple; your post should interact with your audience when most of them are active on Instagram. Analytics has found that Instagram users most likely interact with content during work hours, midday, and mid-week. It is a perfect time to take a break from work and scroll newsfeeds.

How Does Posting at the Right Time on Instagram Impact Small Businesses in 2023?

It takes time and effort to build consumer loyalty and is particularly more challenging for small businesses that are competing with big and stable brands on social media platforms.

Therefore, publishing content during peak times on Instagram can certainly help emerging businesses connect with their audience at once.

Finding the most suitable time to publish your content can significantly increase your digital engagement rate. By posting at the right time during the day, small businesses can secure more likes, comments, shares, and followers. It enhances the traffic to your website. When your followers scroll through your business profile, they explore your content.

If the audience gets intrigued and curious about your content, then it is likely that they will visit your page again to learn more about the services or products that you offer and sell. Therefore, it’s necessary to post consistently at a time when potential consumers are more likely to interact with your content.

What Is the Most Suitable Time to Post on Instagram? Night or Morning?

Based on the analytics, the best time to post on Instagram is in the morning. However, the engagement rates are not similar for every particular brand. For example, a yoga brand can get high engagement by posting Friday night. But depending on general averages, this might not be a great time to post for other niches.

Therefore, before choosing the right time to post your content, specify your audience and determine at what time they get most active on social media. Research generally shows that morning posts generate more engagement, but your brand can be an exception. So post content according to your brand’s specific niche.

Why Does Determining the Best Time to Post on Instagram Matter?

With time, Instagram keeps modifying its algorithm, accommodating new features, and making timeliness crucial for posts to rank on a user’s feed. Therefore, identifying the best time to post on social media platforms, specifically, Instagram, can change the dynamics of your digital presence.

In addition to that, posting at the right time imparts users with multiple other benefits:

  1. The most recent posts are typically prioritized to rank higher on the feeds as compared to older posts.
  2. Posts that people have frequently interacted with on Instagram rank better on their feeds.

If more active people interact with a certain post, the engagement rates will automatically get better within the first hour of posting.

It means brand owners have to strategically choose the best time to post on Instagram and do it when their audience is most active in order to acquire the best results.

What Are the Most Appropriate Posting Hours for Different Niches?

There is no particular timing for publishing content on Instagram. However, according to research, there are some specific posting times for different brands that can result in better engagements:

  1. Consumer goods: Sunday (3 p.m. to 4 p.m.)
  2. Media and entertainment: Tuesday (10 a.m. to 11 a.m.)
  3. Education: Tuesday (10 a.m.)
  4. Healthcare: Thursday (7 a.m.)
  5. Travel and tourism: Wednesday (12 p.m.)
  6. Restaurants: Wednesday (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

These posting times can work as a starting point if anyone has no idea where to begin.


1. Why Is My Content Not Getting Enough Engagement on Instagram?

If your content is still unable to capture the attention of people despite putting in great effort and time to create and publish high-quality posts, you might not be posting it at the right time.

2. How Can I Grow My Business on Instagram in 2023?

Here are some most useful tips that you should follow for the growth and success of your business on Instagram:

  1. Use Instagram reels
  2. Post regularly
  3. Focus on high-value accounts
  4. Engage with your audience
  5. Choose the right hashtags
  6. Craft great captions
  7. Create an engaging and effective bio


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