Multi-currency plugins for WordPress sites are considered an essential component for businesses that operate in numerous countries or are looking to expand their customer base worldwide. With the help of these plugins, you can detect a user’s location and display prices in their local currency. These plugins also help web owners improve the user experience and ultimately increase their conversions.

Multi-Currency WordPress plugins also allow customers to switch between currencies and help business owners to store and accept payments in different currencies. However, the exchange rate can be set up either automatically or manually.

Another factor behind the popularity of these plugins is that they enable users to have more control over how currency options are displayed on any eCommerce website. In this article, we will discuss one of the best multi-currency WordPress plugins that you can opt for in order to maximize your eCommerce website’s potential.

1. GiveWP

GiveWP is a fundraising platform or an intuitive donation management system that enables users to collect donations in different currencies. With the help of this, users can add various payment options for their donors through the Stripe payment gateway.

In short, this currency switcher feature lets donors donate money in their own currency. This makes it easy for them to donate the exact amount they want without confusion.

This plugin also lets site owners keep track of their contributions. With the help of the multi-currency plugin, users can even generate donation tax receipts for their donors.

2. YayCurrency by YayCommerce

YayCurrency plugin is another multi-currency plugin that detects currency automatically depending on the user’s country and enables them to switch currencies conveniently. This is an excellent multi-currency switcher plugin, and its premium features are also reasonably priced. It comes with a currency switcher, currency converter, custom price rounding, payment methods, and more.

This tool is mobile-friendly and has an intuitive design. Some additional features of this plugin usually include automated currency conversion and user-friendly settings.

3. Easy Digital Downloads Multi-Currency

Easy Digital Downloads is a popular e-commerce multi-currency plugin for WordPress that is particularly specialized in digital products. It proves to be a great choice for businesses that sell digital goods such as eBooks, software, or online courses globally and need to support various types of currencies.

The premium version of this plugin usually supports over 160 currencies and allows users to manually set up currency exchange rates. It also allows business owners to accept payments in multiple currencies and automatically converts the amount to the currency of their choice.

With the help of this tool, users can effectively increase the global reach of their business and provide customers with an improved payment experience.

4. Currency Exchange by BeRocket

With this plugin, you can easily switch to any currency in eCommerce platforms. It replaces prices and product pages with the currency of your choice but uses WooCommerce’s default currency for order and checkout pages.

Through this plugin, users can even set up shortcodes with images for each currency. This plugin is compatible with various themes, is completely free, and allows orders to be saved with the selected currency.

5. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce by WPExperts

This multi-currency plugin makes converting currencies much more convenient and provides a seamless experience to customers. With this plugin, users can rest assured that their customers will be able to buy their services or products through their preferred currency.

It is easy to add and manage an unlimited number of currencies and is available as a widget for easy installation.

Benefits of Using a Currency Exchange Plugin

If you own an online business that has clients from all over the world, having a currency exchange plugin on your website becomes essential.

Here are some key benefits of using the best multi-currency WordPress plugins.

  • Expand your business: A multi-currency exchange plugin can help site owners reach a large customer base from several countries. It can also help your international clients convert your price into their own currency without needing to do calculations manually.
  • Reduce buyer confusion: Through a multi-currency plugin, online businesses can have fluent international payment acceptance. It reduces purchase friction among users, which means you will never lose potential customers due to confusion over pricing.
  • Business exposure: With a bigger user base, your business will also get a lot of exposure, which can be really helpful for its growth and sustenance. International exposure can even lead to higher traffic and ultimately boosts all SEO efforts.


1. Can I Use a Multi-Currency Plugin with Any Payment Gateway?

Multi-currency payment plugins are usually compatible with the most popular payment gateways, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe. However, checking the plugin’s compatibility with your chosen payment gateway is important before considering it.

2. How Can You Change the Currency in Woocommerce?

In order to change the currency in WooCommerce, simply go to WooCommerce, then to general settings after that, click on the section of currency options and then choose your desired currency from the currency drop-down.