Mailchimp is one of the most effective email marketing tools, which can be easily used with WordPress websites. It is an email marketing service that enables marketers to create an ongoing email marketing campaign and build a subscriber list.

It can be used with WordPress in order to enable business owners to communicate with their audience in an improved manner.

Website owners are aware of the importance of maintaining consistent and positive communication with their consumers. That’s why they need to know how to create a landing page in WordPress, install a WordPress review plugin, feature a WordPress knowledge base, and other relevant strategies to engage their audience.

Updating your site’s content is important, but that is not enough to get the job done for digital marketing. You might be wondering how you can build relationships with potential clients as well as convey more personalized and conversion-generating information.

The ultimate answer is crafting an email campaign using the most effective marketing tool, Mailchimp. In this article, we will show you how to easily integrate Mailchimp into WordPress and streamline your email marketing.

Benefits of Using Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular tools used in email marketing software worldwide. It was established back in 2001, and now has over 20 million users and is valued at $4.2 billion.

Here’s why it proves to be useful and a starting point for beginners:

  1. It is easy to use
  2. It has all the necessary features
  3. It is reliable
  4. It is a free tool
  5. It is developed by an established business

Why Is Mailchimp Recommended For Email Newsletter?

Mailchimp is one of the most convenient email systems, which makes it great for beginners and intermediate users.

It is extremely popular and is free for up to 2,000 subscribers, which can’t be said for any other marketing platform.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with numerous other software and includes a drag-and-drop editor. So, by integrating Mailchimp, designing newsletters can prove to be a piece of cake for you.

How To Use MailChimp with WordPress?

1. Build an Email List

To use the Mailchimp tool, firstly, you will have to build an email list. It is an excellent form of direct communication with your audience that you can completely control.

Another remarkable benefit of building an email list is that it is a great way to establish direct communication with anyone who is not a regular social media user.

If you have a lot of consumers who just do not use Facebook or Instagram, building an email list can be an effective way to keep them up-to-date about your products or services.

2. Design Your Sign-up Form

After you establish an email list, you will be directed to your list’s dashboard. This is where you can check statistics about your newsletter, view a list of your subscribers, and design your signup forms. However, if you already have a list, then simply click on the section of “Lists” and then the name of the list you want to edit.

3. Add Lead Magnet to Emails

If you are establishing an email list, it is highly recommended to create a lead magnet to go with it. A lead magnet is a tool that offers people free sign-up for your list. Your lead magnet could be anything from a useful checklist to a list of helpful resources.

There is really no limit to being creative and inventive. However, the most important part is that you are creating something that attracts your targeted audience.

Furthermore, there is simply no point in creating a list of emails for people who are really not interested in what you offer. So, try to think of something your ideal audience might need or think about.

4. Change Your Mailing Address

While building an email with MailChimp, it is also important to change your address because it is required to include an address in the emails you send to your potential or current consumers.

No one wants to send their home address to anyone for obvious reasons. Therefore, after you sign up for a P.O. box, you can edit the professional address to include your P.O. Box address. Moreover, people can also use an office address in this section.


1. How Does Mailchimp Differ from Its Competitors?

You might be thinking that there are dozens of email marketing services out there, so what makes MailChimp so special? 

The most defining quality of Mailchimp is its longevity, as it has had two decades to improve its software and services. All this experience has helped this company build a dedicated following. 

2. What Are the Key Features of Mailchimp?

With the help of Mailchimp, you can split your audience, send different emails to different users, use time delays, tag and group your ideal consumers, or even make subscribers repeat a journey.

This marketing tool offers email tracking, click-through rate, campaign transparency, and custom reports. In addition to that, it also helps brand owners distinguish between subscribers and non-subscribers.


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