The link in the Bio refers to the link shown under the biography of Instagram and Tiktok profiles. It gives visitors and followers the option to retrieve more information about your profile, page, posts, and products.

It is simply a clickable URL that is usually added in the profile sections. These clickable URL links act as the best conversion-driving tool for social media channels like Instagram and TikTok.

Adding these links to the profile sections is the most significant way to turn your followers into paying customers. With the help of these links, you can easily get them from social media to your product page or website.

No matter if you are an influencer, a service provider, a content creator, or an eCommerce store owner, this marketing strategy will certainly help you optimize your social media bio and use it to drive website traffic.

Want to know how you can create a URL link for your profile, keep reading and discover ways to add URL links to your Instagram and TikTok profiles. This article will also guide you on how to make the most of your social media bio link and use it to boost your website traffic.

Why Do You Need a Link in Your Bio on Social Media Platforms?

Many social media platforms allow users to add links to each of their posts, but Instagram does not give this facility; therefore, adding a link in the bio is the only way to drive traffic from Instagram to your product page, website, or blog to convert your followers into consumers.

However, social media accounts that have more than 10,000 followers can use the swipe-up function of stories. But this function is only available for relatively large accounts and is limited to stories, not to normal posts.

That’s why the Link in Bio proves to be the most effective and strongest solution to drive consistent traffic.

In short, with the help of a link in the bio tool, content creators can provide their followers with more information about their content, products, or services.

How to Create a Link in the Bio for Instagram and Tiktok?

Sharing a URL link to Instagram and TikTok profiles is quite simple and only requires a few simple steps.

Here are some basic steps social media users and content creators need to follow if they want to create a highly customizable Instagram or TikTok feed and put a link to it in their profile’s bio sections:

  • Create or log in to the social media app account
  • Select feed from the apps list
  • Manage the style of widgets
  • Switch to the share link option and copy it from the popup window and then paste it into your profile’s bio section

Strategies to Try Out After Learning How to Put a Link in Bio

Here are some strategies for social media platforms that would definitely help creators be significant among their rivals. However, try to focus on a single tactic at a time in order to determine which can bring the best outcomes.

1. Make Use of Trends

TikTok usually showcases videos that are particularly created on a trending beat or by using a popular effect.

Always remember to stay relevant, though; you can find ways to bend the trend in a way that would prove to be beneficial for your particular business.

2. Show Your Best Features

Whether you own an online clothing brand or advertise an app, make sure to show your audience the best feature of your products in order to persuade them into liking your products or services.

3. Upload Relatively Shorter Videos

It is important to know whether your audience or followers finish watching a specific video from beginning to end or even rewatch it.

Trends usually do not use long music tracks, so try to keep it trendy and tell your viewers something important about your products or services within 10 to 15 seconds.

4. Partner With Influencers

Try researching the social media platforms in order to find influencers that would fit best according to your standards and have an adequate “vibe” so their followers will not think your partnership is kind of a fraud or scam.

5. Splurge On An Ad

Social media marketers should know what drives traffic to their page and garner insights on how their brand can become more “splurge-worthy.

Going that extra mile can certainly help you in building a brand’s recognition.


1. How Can You Add a Link to the Instagram Bio?

In order to put a link in your Instagram profile, navigate to your profile by tapping the profile icon in the bottom menu. Then, tap the edit profile section, and after that, click on Bio. Write an interesting bio and add the URL link of your website in your bio section. 

2. How to Insert a Url Link in the Tiktok Bio?

Simply head to the profile page by clicking the profile icon in the right-bottom corner. Then, click on edit profile to add a link and enter the URL you want to feature on your profile then, then add your website, and after that, click save.