Google TrustRank is an algorithm created to help search engines combat web spam. It is simply a metric that analyzes links to identify useful web pages from spam and helps search engines rank pages in SERPs.

This method helps determine the likelihood of reputable web pages and usually delivers the best possible results to users.

Therefore, for your SEO strategy, you must improve your Google TrustRank in order to prove your website’s trustworthiness. Understanding this SEO metric can also help you gain traction with your targeted audience.

Moreover, if you better understand the way how this algorithm works, you can find ways to make your website rank higher. In this article, you will learn TrustRank principles so you can improve your site’s overall SEO.

How to Use TrustRank to Drive Your Website Through the Google Rankings?

1. Measure Your Current TrustRank

In order to get started, it is essential to identify what is your site’s current TrustRank. There are various tools that will give you an estimate of where your site stands. For example, you can determine your site’s trustworthiness through tools such as SEO Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz, etc.

2. Boost Your Google Site Ranking to Attract More Users

Search engines like Google prefer websites having good reputations and trustworthiness. So, by boosting your TrustRank, you can improve your site ranking and draw more visitors to your site with organic and link traffic.

3. Optimize Your Content to Make It More Likely to Be Seen

When you optimize your content with TrustRank SEO, you improve your overall website trust source. As a result, it becomes tailored to user intent and is more likely to get noticed by the targeted audience. This method also helps your present content become more reputable, authoritative, and of higher quality.

4. Link Out to High Authority Websites

Getting authority links for your website from other trustworthy sources is an important ranking factor. As it can certainly help you rank higher in search results for phrases related to your services and products.

The main motive for linking high authority websites is that it reflects on your website. So, you should link to a few high-authority sites with every web article or page you create.

5. Enhance Your Domain Authority

It can take a little effort for you to enhance your domain authority (DA). However, here are a few must-try steps that will undoubtedly help increase the domain authority of your site.

  • Acquire High-Quality Backlinks from Authority Sites
  • Create Content That’s Link Worthy
  • Audit Your Site and Remove Spam Links
  • Enhance Your Website Structure and User Experience
  • Improve Your Internal Links

With these steps, you can boost your DA and will succeed in making Google’s algorithm understand that your site is more trustworthy than your competitors. These technical features are just as significant for your site as improving your link-building.

6. Check Your Website’s Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration

Another way to improve the trustworthiness of your website is to assess its bounce rates and average session duration. Spam web pages cannot retain visitors for more than a few seconds.

Therefore, if you determine that your web page has a relatively high average session duration and bounce rates, make sure to improve the content as soon as possible.

How Does Google TrustRank Work?

Google TrustRank looks for “trust signals” to remove spam content from the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are some signals that will surely help you enhance your website’s authority:

  • Build your author knowledge panel
  • Have your website reviewed by external sources
  • Link out to authority sites
  • Add a privacy policy & terms
  • Improve your site’s engagement rates
  • Include article references and sources
  • Build your brand


1. What is the Difference Between PageRank and TrustRank in Google’s Algorithm?

The TrustRank metric allows search engines to determine spam websites in an improved way and works in an almost similar way to PageRank.

However, the PageRank system is an algorithm for ranking the importance of websites that relies on metrics such as quality and the number of authority links.

On the other hand, TrustRank is a metric specifically designed to combat and remove spam by identifying and filtering reliable and reputable pages from the web.

2. Why is Google Trust Source Important?

One thing that Google pays special attention to is the user experience, and spammy websites can badly influence their experience. Therefore, Google has developed TrustRank in order to identify and remove misleading content.

Improving your trust will prevent you from scaring your customers and prospects away. Therefore, trust signals are important, as they help your users understand that you have a legitimate business.

Additionally, Google also highly values and ranks websites and pages demonstrating expertise, provenance, and trustworthiness. That’s why it is essential for you to incorporate TrustRank principles into your SEO strategy.