Google Ads campaign is an advertising plan in which advertisers pay per click on an ad. It is a set of ad groups that share location targeting, budget, and other settings. Google ads campaigns can generally organize the services or products that an advertiser has to offer.

Through Google Ads, marketers can reach anyone who gathers information or browse certain products and services on Google search engines. Google Ads can allow businesses to reach a large audience searching for the product or service they are offering.

Running a Google ads campaign can prove to be excellent for brands to reach their target audience, generate leads and increase their conversions. However, building an efficient and high-performing campaign requires the incorporation of two main elements, i.e., an engaging pay-per-click landing page and an optimized Google ad.

A well-run Google ad campaign is one of the most effective ways to overcome the biggest marketing challenges. Read ahead to know more about this effective marketing tool at your disposal and how it can help you achieve high ROI (return on investment).

What Makes Google Ads Campaigns Great?

A great Google ads campaign primarily focuses on the post-click phase. This advertising campaign can help businesses build a compelling post-per-click experience, one that persuades their customers to stay, learn, and eventually make purchases.

It can help marketers to:

  • Measure overall campaign results.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns to save more on overall marketing costs.
  • Improve PPC performance through strategic Google ads management.
  • Increase their return on investment by targeting the right audience.

How To Run Effective Google Campaigns?

Every ad campaign consists of two main phases:

  • The pre-click phase: Everything people see before clicking on an ad.
  • The post-click phase: The landing page experience that users see after clicking on a certain ad.

When running Google ad campaigns, marketers usually just focus on the optimization of ads for the pre-click phase. However, a great Google ads campaign also requires building a compelling post-click experience.

In a high-performing Google ad campaign, the landing pages hold significant importance as they tackle the challenging task of persuading the target audience and converting them into paying customers. Therefore, marketers apply a more logical approach to their Google Ads landing pages as they greatly influence purchase decisions.

Reasons Why You Should Use Google Ads Campaigns

Google Ads is an effective way to drive good-fit customers to any business and helps businesses eventually increase their overall sales.

1. Enables Business Owners to Achieve a High Return on Investment

Unlike other marketing campaigns, through Google Ads’ marketing strategy, advertisers only pay for ads people click on. Once this advertising campaign is optimized, it can help businesses achieve a high return on investment, which is usually quite difficult with other marketing strategies.

2. It is a Flexible Marketing Platform

Google ads are an extremely flexible marketing tool suitable for all kinds of organizations. It enables advertisers to turn internet traffic on and off and is also compatible with various other software systems and marketing platforms.

3. Helps Build Brand Awareness

Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool that helps business owners to promote their brands more effectively and prominently. They provide marketers with all the tools and data they require in order to reach a wider audience.

In this way, Google advertising helps to increase brand awareness by allowing marketers to get their brand in front of a large number of customers. Therefore, utilizing this kind of advertising tool may prove to be essential while growing a company.


1. How Do Google Ads Work?

When a business decides to opt for a Google Ads campaign, it has to choose which of the following three goals it is looking to achieve:

  • Increasing calls to business
  • Directing more visitors to the store
  • Directing people to their landing pages

Companies will also have to determine whether they want to deliver the ad copy to a selected audience or globally. After that, business owners are supposed to set the budget they want to spend on advertising campaigns.

Then a companyโ€™s ads will be displayed in front of the potential audience when they search for relevant products or services. These ads can appear on Google Search, and advertisers are only required to pay for results, like when people click their ad, visit their website, or get directions to their store. With time, and as more people click on the campaign ads, businesses fulfill their preset budget goals.

Not only will they reach their budget, but the more clicks an advertising campaign receives, it will also increase search result ranking, getting them closer to the top search spots on the Google search engine.

2. What are the Different Types of Google Ads?

There are usually five types of Google ads that marketers can opt for in order to increase their conversions:

  • Search network campaign
  • Display Network campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaign
  • App campaign


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