A Facebook poll is a free feature created for anyone who has a Facebook account. This feature allows people to voice their opinions. With the help of Facebook polls, people can choose from the options you created and give their points of view.

If you have a social media marketing strategy in your mind, it will prove to be beneficial to learn about your audience’s opinion about certain things.

This way, you can plan and implement your marketing strategy in an improved way. Moreover, knowing everything you can about your target audience is necessary for any business or marketing plan.

This feature also allows brand owners to ask a question and give answers in a multiple-choice format to their potential consumers. People can click on the answer they want from the choices a brand has created or can even add their own answers.

In addition to that, you can also put a deadline on the poll, after which people can not submit their answers anymore. People love it when their opinions are heard, especially by brands they look up to, as it makes them feel important and valued.

Therefore, if you want more audience interaction, a Facebook poll is all you need.

How to Use A Facebook Poll

In order to use a Facebook poll, simply select the poll option and then write the queries or questions you want your followers or audience to answer. Brands can also customize their poll with the help of videos or images.

Another feature in the Facebook poll section enables you to choose whether or not to allow the audience to choose multiple options, as well as give users the ability to add their own options.

Types of Facebook Polls

Facebook, in addition to enabling its users to create a poll, also provides different types of polls with distinctive attributes.

Let’s explore some different polls you can create on Facebook.

1. Facebook Group Polls

Facebook allows a specific group poll option for its users. Since groups usually have a large number of members, they can potentially attract many users to answer the queries and questions mentioned in polls.

In short, Facebook group polls help build a community genuinely interested in your business and eventually help enhance your sales.

2. Facebook Story Polls

Nowadays, stories have become one of the most significant features of Facebook. The instant appeal and 24-hour timeline make it the best option for sharing daily content.

Furthermore, it is a great way to attract the attention of followers and make them interact with a certain business page or brand in a more precise way.

Therefore, creating a poll on a Facebook story provides brands with an instant engagement platform for the audience to answer their poll queries and questions.

3. Facebook Page Polls

You can create a Facebook poll for your business pages in order to promote your business. However, they are quite different from the profile account as they have paid promotional options.

Facebook page polls are a great way to inform your followers more about your services, events, or products. You can also ask your audience about their interest in this poll section and can choose a time slot for an event depending on the convenience of your followers.

Benefits of Facebook polls

There are many reasons why you should make the most out of the opportunity of creating Facebook polls.

Some of the most significant benefits are:

  1. A poll increases engagement, which is essential to enable people to see more of a particular brand’s content. Facebook polls have proven to be an effective feature for increasing views for organic posts on a brand account. The Facebook algorithm favors content that has relatively higher engagement and relevance to a particular audience.
  2. Creating Facebook polls is a significant technique that helps humanize a certain brand by encouraging a 2-way conversation with followers. In other words, polls show that you care about what your audience thinks and feels.
  3. Facebook polls provide brands with another avenue to interactively get customer feedback.
  4. Brands can get additional advice from their followers by getting answers to questions that can help guide their marketing strategy. In short, market research is important in order to better understand the needs of your consumers.


1. Why Should You Create Facebook Polls?

A Facebook poll significantly helps brands to improve their lead generation by showcasing that their products or services have all the benefits that their followers are looking for.

Through these polls, brands can also ask their consumers in what way they can improve their services or products to enhance the user experience.

2. How do Facebook polls for Business Work?

A Facebook poll can be created by Facebook users in order to better understand the likes and dislikes of their followers. This feature also increases the likelihood of people interacting with a certain brand’s story instead of just skipping through it.

In a nutshell, polls are a great way to drive more interactions and boost the overall engagement of any business.