At Olive Tree Dental, the focus is on delivering personalized, high-quality Dental Care. The dedicated team is committed to providing a smooth and efficient experience for Patients, with a focus on minimizing discomfort and achieving exceptional results.

TWH was engaged to design and develop the website, aligning it with the Olive Tree Dental’s branding and presenting the content in a highly user-friendly manner. All services are clearly listed, communicating a clear message to customers and increasing lead generation opportunities.

In addition, TWH provided Olive Tree Dental SEO and Social Media Management services to enhance the website’s ranking and performance, thereby increasing visibility on all search engines. Our team executed comprehensive on-page SEO including keyword research, meta title and description optimization, focus keyword incorporation, alt image optimization, website performance optimization, and Sitemap submission.

Olive Tree Dental

Skills Used

  • WordPress
  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • PHP

  • JQuery

  • CSS

Email marketing is an effective method for maintaining customer engagement and driving sales. Olive Tree Dental's website is equipped with the ability to collect and store customer email addresses using the third-party tool, MailChimp. This enables the execution of highly targeted and effective email marketing campaigns.