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Word Agents

WordAgents’ story starts back in 2008. Vincent D’Eletto, our founder, discovered his passion for writing and researching SEO online. He quickly realized there was a huge demand for SEO content. In 2014, WordAgents was born. Since then, we’ve continued to grow – and now produce search-optimized content for hundreds of clients around the world.

TWH helps WordAgents to set up the complete dashboard in the Service Provider Pro. We have done a lot of customizations from onboarding to purchasing words, deduct words instead of currency on each order, built the custom form in SPP to make the process more user friendly.

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TWH is providing technical support to the WordAgents including the Basic Website Support, Content Updates, and, Performance Optimization.

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Everything you need in one place, it’s perfectly suited to SPP. We are SPP pro team to provide advanced development customization services in their platform to their customers.


WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SPP


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