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At Daher Dental, their goal is to provide you and your family with the best dental care based on your needs. Their team is focused on making your experience smooth, fast, painless, and always delivering great results.

TWH designed and developed the website following Daher Dental’s branding and placed the content in a very user-friendly way. All services listed clearly to send a clear message to their customers and get more chances of leads.

Our team provided the SEO service to Daher Dental to improve their Ranking and Performance of the website to get more visitors from all search engines. We have done the on-page SEO including Keyword Research, Meta Title, Meta Description, Focus Keywords, Alt Images, Website performance, and Sitemap submission.

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Email marketing is one of the great resources to keep in the eyes of your customers and generate more sales. Daher Dental’s website has the functionality to store emails to the third-party tool, MailChimp, which allows us to run the best email marketing campaigns.

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