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Aact – Now

AACT-NOW is a small firm that designs and creates pieces of training and seminars specific to our clients’ needs. Pre-packaged training videos and cookie-cutter approaches are not effective ways to establish changes in the workplace.

TWH redesigned and developed the website following its branding and placed the content in a very user-friendly way to send a clear message about its services.

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Email marketing is one of the great resources to keep in the eyes of your customers and generate more sales. This website has the functionality to store emails to the third-party tool, MailChimp, which allows us to run the best email marketing campaigns.

We are also providing monthly support to the AACT-NOW including the hosting, Basic Website Support, Content Updates, Uptime Monitoring, Security Monitoring, Malware Protection, Performance Optimization, Daily Cloud Backups.

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WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS


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