The grid layout is the first thing people usually notice when they visit any Instagram profile. This means that your most recent Instagram posts play an integral role in representing your account to visitors. An aesthetic and visually appealing Instagram grid layout can certainly help boost engagement, leading to more followers and profile views.

Creating an attractive grid requires a bit of effort and time investment at first, but if built perfectly using the right tools, it can be a game changer for your social media account. Try to craft an Instagram layout that is narrative-centric and tells a story because you do not have plenty of time to capture someone’s attention.

People generally do not want to follow jumbled feeds; instead, they simply want to look at the type of content that is fascinating and interesting. Therefore, make sure to create an Instagram layout in such a manner that helps you reach your specific target audience within two seconds of them viewing your feed.

In this article, we will provide you with multiple ways to create an engaging and attractive layout that will effectively help you convert visitors to your followers.

Use Multiples of Three Patterns

While uploading your content, try to use the multiples of three patterns. Instagram generally shows an account’s posts in stacked rows of three photos.

Therefore, craft a grid layout by consistently posting in a pattern of multiples of three. This kind of layout will always look like there is an overarching pattern throughout your grid.

Choose a Particular Subject

How your images look on your layout is also very important; if your posts do not really bring any real value to your account, they will not see a lot of traction.

That’s why you need to focus not only on creating appealing images but also on what you will take images of. Firstly determine what your followers and fans are interested in and then create a feed depending on that.

This might be the most significant step in the creation of an eye-capturing feed, so make sure to pay some extra attention to it.

Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is another crucial step in creating an engaging Instagram layout. Try to craft a great Instagram photo grid by sticking to a certain plan. One off-beat or irrelevant photo in the wrong filter, color, or order can disrupt your profile’s overall image.

Stick to the Color Scheme Coordination

Another strategy you can follow to make your grid distinctive from your competitors is to follow a particular color scheme coordination strategy.

Color scheme coordination makes sure that each photo you post has a certain degree of color coordination with all other posts you have published on your Instagram account.

Use Natural Light for Pictures

Bad lighting typically becomes a reason for low-quality images on Instagram. If your pictures have bad lighting, it will not matter whether you use a consistent color scheme or not.

This is because good lighting lays the foundation for a visually appealing and great photo on Instagram. Therefore, always try to capture images in natural light. With natural light, you can take higher-quality photos with greater sharpness and resolution.

Plan Your Feed Layout in Advance

Content creators usually upload pictures randomly on their Instagram profiles. However, in order to build your recognition among your rivals, think about whether all of your Instagram posts are showcased in your profile like a collage and are relevant or not.

Publishing visually pleasing images is the first step, but planning your feed layout in advance is the ultimate answer if you truly want to change your social media game.

Therefore, do not just pay attention to how the image looks in people’s feeds, but find ways to make your Instagram grid layout more captivating and coherent.


1. What Does Layout on Instagram Mean?

The Instagram layout is the visual representation of services or products that any Instagram account shares with its potential followers and profile visitors. It is a chance for any content creator to show viewers his profile’s vibe at first glance.

Instagram added this layout feature to allow social media users to post a grid of their photos. Try to create fun and unique layouts so that you can succeed in capturing the attention of your visitors.

5. What Are the Benefits of Making a Good Instagram Layout?

An engaging and captivating Instagram grid layout plays a key role in boosting engagement, which leads to more followers and profile views.

In addition to helping gain followers, a good Instagram layout also allows users to get noticed and increase their sales, as more followers lead to more opportunities in order to promote your services or products.

A well-managed and visually appealing Instagram layout offers various additional benefits, including:

  • It helps potential followers learn about what you have to offer.
  • Gives an opportunity to uniformly express your services or products.
  • Enables you to be significant among your competitors.