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Mette Glargaard

Mette Glargaard2022-11-04T05:49:44+00:00

Project Description


Let Mette Glargaard inspire you and teach you something new so you can change your life!

In the room with you, She emphasizes that you get something home, already the first time. Her main task is to listen, understand, and make themselves redundant by relaying tools. They look together at what you need and whether it is personal growth within the emotional, physical, or mental, She finds the tools that can help you further.

TWH redesigned and developed the website for Mette Glargaard by following its branding and placing the content in a very user-friendly way to send a clear message about her services.

Skills Used

  • WordPress
  • JavaScript

  • HTML

  • PHP

  • JQuery

  • CSS
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Email marketing is one of the great resources to keep in the eyes of your customers and generate more sales. This website has the functionality to store emails to the third-party tool, MailChimp, which allows us to run the best email marketing campaigns.

We are also providing monthly support to Mette Glargaard including Basic Website Support, Content Updates, Uptime Monitoring, Security Monitoring, Malware Protection, and Performance Optimization.


“Highly skilled, very friendly people whose work fast and get the job done whether big or small. I have worked with them for years and highly recommend them!”

Mette Glargaard