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Visible Hearts


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Visible Hearts

For many years I’ve Mariah Wolfe had a restlessness in me. I was ashamed of it. Never could settle down. Never just get a job and be content. I always had to move to new places, meet new people, do new things, learn new skills. As I grew older, I understood that I had to love being this way instead of trying to change it. And so I did.

This is who I am today. Author. Speaker. Therapist. Mentor. Traveler. On the move – inside and out. No more shame, no more fear – just following any call that is my heart!

TWH designed and developed the website Visible Heartsincluding the Podcast Feature and Books selling feature via Amazon By following its branding and placing the content in a very user-friendly to get more conversion rates.

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Email marketing is one of the great resources to keep in the eyes of your customers and generate more sales. Mariah’s website has the functionality to store emails to the third-party tool, MailChimp which allows us to run the best email marketing campaigns.

We are also providing monthly support to the Visible Heart including the Basic Website Support, Content Updates, Uptime Monitoring, Security Monitoring, Malware Protection, Performance Optimization.

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