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Final Interview Evaluation

Evaluate candidates’ cultural fit and soft skills through a final interview.

    Candidate Name *

    Position *

    Date of Final Interview *

    Cultural Fit *

    Alignment with Company Values
    e.g. Candidate shares the same values and vision as the company.

    Adaptability to Startup Evnironment
    e.g. Candidate is comfortable with a fast-paced and dynamic work Evnironment.

    Work Style and Goals *
    e.g. Candidate is a team player and has a growth mindset.

    Communication Skills *
    e.g. Candidate communicates clearly and effectively.

    Critcal Thinking Skills *
    e.g. Candidate demonstrates problem-solving abilities and logical thinking.

    Interview Process Summary *
    e.g. Summarized the Candidate's performance during the interview proce

    Feedback Provided *
    e.g. Provided constructive feedback to the Candidate.

    Code quality and organization *
    e.g. Code is well-structured, modular, and easy to understand.

    Decision-making Timeline Discussed *
    e.g. Informed the Candidate about when they can expect a decision.

    Interviewer Notes: